Surviving A Secret

Pieces of Me

Pillow Talk

Your tongue tastes like Good n’ Plenty’s and passion

Our hearts pound in synchronization, lip to lip

Your hand through my hair, my eyes close, and I feel the silence

Forehead to forehead, freckle to freckle, you smile I smile

Marching to the sound of our perfect rhythmic beat

Pushing further I offer a chuckle letting you be my lifeline

Tangled waves of endurance and my body flat-line’s

Backs to bed, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, eyes locked, passion

You kiss my hand then place it on your chest so I can feel your body’s beat

I tilt my head down and fall to rest on your shoulder; you kiss my headtop with your lips

I can hear you relax falling in the groves of slumber smiling

Relaxed state of bliss surrounded by silence

Cupcakes of mercy, tickles and screams, memories of glory, forever loud forever silent

I awake, and watch you rest, counting all the lines

a body can make, the lids of your eyes, the curve of your belly, the smile

your mouth makes even when your comatose, forever will I love you passionately

My fingers trace your handsome face, and I place two fingers on my lips

And kiss them to yours. Put my ear to your chest, and hear the bump, bump of your heartbeat

I roll on my side; pull covers chin high, guilty tears come alive like a song with a broken beat

My shoulders shake and suddenly my sorrow erupts like a volcano into the silence

Your arms pull me in tight; you offer words of security, my ear feeling the edge of your lips

Your tears on my neck, I know you feel it too, your hand covers mine covering stretch lines

On my belly where she used to live, we were ready to love her with passion

I try to be strong, but I need you to be, because it kills to know I never saw her smile

You begin to pray bringing me to a place of redemption, I offer a weak smile

You hum a soft tone with a healing beat

Cradle me, rock me, kiss me, let the world fade and cover me with grace and passion

Escape comes, I scream and cry and punch the bed wildly, begging for noise, but all is silent

Car rolls, head to steering wheel, flashes of discomfort, my blood idled on yellow road lines

Hospital bed, doctor’s news, horrible truth, face to your chest, trembling lips

Questions fog my mind, I see you above me, I read, “I love you” on your lips

Paint fights and name wars a time of paradise and smiles

Our bodies form a healing horizontal line

Bring back the greatest love, I find a forgotten voice, you hear “I love you” with a simple beat

Your tongue tastes of Good N’ Plenty’s and Silence

And we escape into a therapeutic passion

Together our lips touch each other with a harmonic beat

We laugh, we hug, we tickle, we smile, creating noise in the silence

I’m drifting away into a world with lines of passion

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