Trip Planning & All It’s Glory

Well… The trip planning is going! There is so much to do and so little time. We found some really good deals on hotels and places to stay during the move but it’s still extremely expensive to move all the way across the country! Here is what we have so far! We are going to need all the prayers and help we can get but I believe in miracles!


Trip Itinerary

Saturday 24th
Get truck
Have truck completely loaded

Sunday 25th
9am service
Head straight to cherries house (my great aunt were I will say my goodbyes to my family)
(4 hour drive)

Monday 26th
8am Hall MT to Rapid City SD
(9 1/2 hour drive)

Tuesday 27th
8am Rapid City SD to Kansas City MO
(10 hour drive)

Wednesday 28th
8am Kansas City MO to Nashville TN
(8 1/2 hour drive)

Thursday 29th
Explore Nashville
Nashville to Knoxville
Stay with Benjamin
See all my in-laws!

Friday 30th
Knoxville to Charleston
😊 hotel

Saturday 31st
Apartment hunting
Discover our new home!

Trip budget

Gas: $700-750
Moving truck: $950-1000
Food: $100
Hotels: $200
Deposit/1st months rent: $1000

Total needed: $3100

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