This Weeks Top Ten Songs 1.11.15


1) All Our Endless Love: The Bird and The Bee (feat. Matt Berninger)

This is a beautiful duet about the surprise, fear, and the emotional up and downs thats love brings. The female vocals are outstanding and paired with the deep tones of Matt is breathtaking! This song is an extremely poetic love story and well worth the listen. When I hear this song I am reminded of the internal war that is a relationship. Are we staying together? Is this Love forever? Will we fight for us?

2)Little Do You Know: Alex & Sierra

This song surprised me. When I first heard it I wasn’t sure if I liked it because her voice is higher and I felt like the song needeimages-1d to be rounded off. The lyrics behind what she was saying, talking about how she loves him but isn’t sure if she can forgive him , is something that so many have and are dealing with. Having been cheated on in a past relationship I am familiar with the war that rages inside you when the person you trust most betrays that trust. The song took my breath away the moment he starts singing. The way he sings “I’ll Wait.” is so heartfelt I can feel it in my bones. The song ends suddenly on a very powerful note leaving you in a state of thinking.


3) Bombs Away: Jonathan Thulin (feat. Rachael Lampa)

A lyrical battle about the choice to stay strong despite the adversaries you may be facing. We have all been through struggles and pain so real you feel as if you could tip over any minute. It is how we choose to handle our demons that makes us who we are.

4)The GrUnknowneat Escape: P!nk

Pink is the type of singer/ songwriter that can be completely raw in her lyrics and get away with it. In so many of her songs she sings things that most people would never say. Like, when she sings about punching someone out in the song ‘Who Knew’. I have always respected that about her because no one can pull off her songs like she does (at least in my opinion). The Great Escape is about being in someones corner and loving them no matter what. When I first fell in love with my husband I listened to this song a lot. Words like “Feel too much and you don’t know how long it will last,”…”Trying to scream underwater,”… and “everybody needs a floor they can fall through.” My natural tendency is to run away when the emotions get too real but I need to remember that sometimes a love comes into your life and you need to remember that if you want love to last it is about giving 100% all the time and always being in each others corner. The ending is my favorite, AMAZING lyrics! A seriously hidden gem.

5) Chaos & Piss: P!nk

Yes, two songs from Pink will make it on my list this week. Like I mentioned above Alecia Moore can really sing and writes such power and interesting lyrics for example in this songs she sings, “I’m a willow tree and you can’t blow me over.”


6) Landing In London: 3 Doors Down (feat. Bob Seger)

This song has always been one of my favorites. It is a classic and sung beautifully. A tale about missing the one you love, with the simple but powerful line “All I think about is you…” I am reminded of people who have significant others in the military or they are out of town a lot for various reasons.

7) Clean: Taylor Swift
It is safe to say that Taylor Swift has changed a lot in her music career and there is a lot that could be said about this but I will not take the time to get into all things Swift. I love this song. We always hear songs about cheating, breaking up, new love, but hardly ever to do we hear songs about that moment in a break up when you finally feel like you can move on and you are rid of all that bound you before. I went through a horrible breakup before I was married and iimagest took me years to recover. Trust me I know how that sounds but that is a story for another day. But for now I will say, when I was in that relationship I was drowned by the person he made me out to be and not the person I wanted to be. I didn’t even know who I was without him. It was an unhealthy relationship to say the very least, and after a long time there was this moment  where I woke up and I finally felt like he didn’t haunt me. I was rid of him and his memory didn’t make my skin crawl. It’s like when you go camping and you wake up and take a deep breath of country air. You feel refreshed and ready to live again. That is this song. The lyrics talk about that journey.

8) Don’t Find Another102628-tegan_sara_617_409 Love: Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara are such a wonder team. They sing beautifully and there lyrical content is powerful. I love this song because it has so many surprises.

9) The Worry List: Blue October

Divorce is a horrible reality. It is messy no matter what way you look at. It hurts for the people that were in the marriage and it hurts for the children involved. This song is an extremely powerful and a true story about a father whUnknown-2o lost his daughter in a custody battle. The lyrics speak for itself if you really take the time to listen. This is possibly one of the most emotionally intense songs I have ever heard, but lead singer Justin Furstenfeld is an amazingly talented writer and has a power in his music that I have never heard anywhere else. Warning this song does contain an “F” bomb.

10) Slow and Steady: Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men has such a unique sound. You have to listen to there songs a couple of times to get used to there weird brilliance and then you notice that not only can they sing and play instruments like no one else but they write just as uniquely as they sing! I find this song calming and peaceful.Unknown-5

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