K&T Engagement-2-2


My eyes stare out of the

Rain spattered window

When my thoughts drift off

To days spent with you

I smile when I think about

How we used to pretend

We were only friends

But inside we knew that it wasn’t true

I laugh when I think about the day we made it official

But I feel a lump in my throat

When I think about the first time you held me to your chest

I feel a tear drip below my lip

When I remember all the talks we have

My fingers brush away my tears

As I try to fight off the fear

Embracing myself I decide to let it all out

Stop fighting this urge to cry

I feel myself let go

My tears now matching the

Rain outside my window

I cry not because I’m sad

But for all the wasted years of hiding myself

I close my eyes and press my head against the cold window

I breathe a sigh

Because I’m letting my heart be on the line

Letting you know all of me

I cry because I trust you

Enough to be there for me

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