Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves. You know, the things that absolutely drive us crazy. Now, if we are telling the truth we might even admit that we have more then one pet peeve.

Aww, so why all this talk about pet peeves? Because I am going to talk about one of mine.

When I walk into a store, a restaurant, a doctors office etc. I need to feel important and like I matter. Costomer service is of upmost importance to me. People are people no matter how they smell, whether they are overweight or skinny, hillbilly or NYC Chic, young or old..people are people.

The other day David and I went out to eat at this really nice Italian restaurant (ok so it was on Valentines Day) and it felt like all the tables around us were being treated like royalty and we were getting shafted. After we were seated we were told about the V-Day special and how it came with a complimentary glass of wine. I asked if we could replace the wine with soda because we didn’t drink and the waitress looked at us like we were insane. David may think I am being dramatic but from that point onward it was like we didn’t exist. We didn’t get our free bread, my food was cold, and our waitress came by the table very few times.

In the end it was a just a restaurant serving food but I wonder if David and I didn’t look like the poor young couple that we are if we would have been treated better.

I don’t really know but I honestly feel like this happens to me a lot. Most days I like to were yoga pants or my old holy jeans paired with a t-shirt and a grey sweater I got from Goodwill. It’s comfortable and simple but there are times when I go places to spend money and I am treated like a ghost because I don’t appear like I will be spending a lot of money verses days were I dress up and I am given thought of attention.

I realize this is scattered but it just makes me wonder. Because of this I try my best to treat everyone equally when I serve them at my store. I believe treating everyone like they are royalty goes a long way.

What are your thoughts?

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