Widow’s Breath

The sun tucks behind the earth

The moon illuminates in my window

I only think of you

My heart longs for your touch

I yearn for a simple whisper

Tender and calm

Panic sets in

What if I never see you again

I race through the memories

The hello…to the goodbye

My hearts picks up the pace

And the lurch in my throat takes its place

Oh, how I miss you

Take my hand starry night to where my love may be

I wonder if you ever thought about me during this hour

For there is more than just space between us

The tear, so hollow, caresses my face

It’s been so long since I last saw yours

I wonder how the war may have changed you

Is my picture still in your chest pocket

Your picture, black and white, rests beside me

I have hope for your return

Long hours enthrall this night

As I wait impatiently for the sun to

Emerge from the mountain tops

I can’t help but feel all alone

I left your belt dangling on the back of

our chair, your chair

so a piece you can still linger with me

when you are not here

The smell of you is beginning to fade off your clothes

I would know

I press my fingers into the fibers every dawn

Deep breath all is well

I grip my silk robe to my flesh

Hoping without hope that a letter will finally come

After three years don’t I deserve to know if you are alive or dead

The black sky has begun to turn pink

Alas, my wounded love has made it one more night without you

W.F.A-92 W.F.A-108 W.F.A-87 W.F.A-86

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