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I have always loved shopping online. You can browse through tons of websites, google exactly what you want, hunt down coupons, price match, and find unique and interesting items. It is kind of funny because I am not the biggest fan of shopping in general. I don’t hate it but going to store after store can be exhausting. Especially when I go clothes shopping. I am not overweight but I am defiantly not skinny, I am what people call “curvy”. You know, the polite way of saying you are kind of chubby. Anyways, because of my body type a lot of clothing styles don’t fit me so it can become a real challenge to find things that I love. Not to mention I feel so disgusting and fat by the end of the day because when you try on 100 items to have only one item look good on you it does terrible things to a girls self esteem.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Doesn’t online shopping make that process harder?” To that I say it all depends on the web site you go to. A lot of online based clothing stores have size charts and reviews from customers. A good example of this is Modcloth has tons of customer reviews with photos. I read through a lot of the reviews and usually I can find someone that is close to my, awkward “Curvy” size and base a lot of my decision on what they had to say as well as how they look in the photo. It seriously makes life easy. And most online clothing stores have apps so you can go shopping on your 15 minute break. I found my swimsuit this way and I didn’t have try on 1,000 swimsuits either. All I had to do was read, browse, and order. Of course there are times you order and it turns out to be a flop but good online retail stores have free shipping on returns.

Of course I buy a lot more then cloths online. I recently bought a four piece ottoman set for $74.00 from Target’s online store. Something to take note of, if you are trying to save money, is that most big name stores JC Penny, Target, Sears, Marshals, Kohl’s etc. have online only offers. If I would have gone into Target to buy that ottoman set I would have paid around one hundred dollars. Another fun tip is most of the time shipping is free once a certain amount of money is spent so if you are buying furniture online more often then not you won’t have to worry about shipping costs.

Online shopping is also a great idea for food. David and I love Papa Johns but it can be a little pricy when you compare it to the deals that Dominos offers. So I went to and downloaded their app and started ordering online. Papa Johns has this online rewards program that gives you a free large three-topping pizza every time you earn 25 points (usually the 5th pizza is free). Fancy. Or you can download restaurants apps, order it on your phone right as you are leaving work, and have it ready by the time you get there.

I know that some people really hate to shop online and that is totally fine but I just wanted to give a shout out to how amazing online shopping is. So tell me, do you online shop? If so where and what are you saving tips?

Good Online Shopping Sites

  1. Modcloth (especially the home decor)
  4. Etsy
  5. H&M (Check there home section)
  6. Mod Deals
  7. Amazon
  8. Zappos
  9. Book It (Seriously Cheap Vacations)
  10. Mpix Photo (Great quality low prices)

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