Embarrassing Moments and Sprained Ankles 

Due to the fact that David and I only have one car right now I had to hang out at the library this morning until It was time to clock on for work at noon. David startedwork at nine so he dropped me off at the Starbucks around 830 and I waited until the library to opened at nine. 

While I was at the library I had a really great time working on my book. I added a lot of new details and edited a few things. However there was this guy two tables I. Front of me that fell asleep every couple of minutes. No joke, his snoring was incredibly loud. I think he might have been a narcoleptic. Overall, however, my morning was really relaxing, calm, and quiet. 

It was around 11:30 when I decided to walk over to my work building. Just as I was walking  down the first stair I twisted my ankle and I fell down a couple steps. The next thing I know there’s a security officer above me asking me if I’m okay and a concerned citizen and she heard a load  crack.

I felt so confused. I couldn’t wrap my mind around what was happening and why I suddenly had this blinding pain in my ankle. I plealed off the sandal I was wearing and exposed myself to an ever swelling foot. The security guard then carried me up the four stairs I slid down to a near by chair. Oh, and I forgot to mention as I was failing I definitely let a few curse words slip. So not only did I did Embarrass myself by tripping on my own foot but I also embarrassed myself by cussing loudly and I’m very quiet library. Talk about awkward. The security guard then went to go get me ice and towel with Library manager filled out accident report.

I had no idea what to do and I felt completely confused. All I could think was I’m going to be late for work. I was about a half-mile away from my store I go to 11 minute walk on a good ankle. So I called my manager and told them I’d be late and he sent one of my coworkers to come pick me up. I was then placed in a wheelchair and wheeled out to the front of the  library. Yes, my ankle hurt but I will stairs it was very very awkward. I made it worse at the library staff strongly encourage me to go to the ER. I figured it was just a sprain and despite how swollen it was and how much pain I was in I wasn’t sure I was comfortable going to the ER. 

So they placed me in my coworkers white Jetta and he drove me to the stores entrance. I hobbled myself in their thinking for some reason I could handle it. My manager took one look at me and told me I had to go to ER and then I could not work today. I’m so conflicted because I really needed the hours. So I sat in the front of my store my black folding chair and a bag full of ice all my coworkers had questions. Talk about embarrassing. Not to mention that I was in a lot of pain and all I wanted do is cry but instead I smiled and laughed and played it off like it was no big deal.

The hardest part was calling my husband to come get me because today was his very first day at his new job. This is the best job he’s ever had and we have been very excited for this day. But of course on his first day at work I had a call him to come get me to take me to ER. We ended up going to cheaper route and getting a walk in appointment family medicine Center.

The doctor is named Paul and had a bowtie I kept saying I had a boo-boo. It was obvious children or his patients but hey better than ER costs. We got an x-ray and figured it all out and it’s just a really bad sprain. The good news is that I can work tomorrow, if they let me sit down and of course I have a retail job were we are supposed to stand for eight hours a day. The bad news is it’s still really hurts and I have to keep pressure off of it for at least a week.

So trouble in paradise but hey we’re managing.

One thought on “Embarrassing Moments and Sprained Ankles 

  1. Oh no! Stay off it as much as possible, and keep it elevated every chance you get. I know you can’t stay off it altogether, because you have to do what you have to do, but outside of work, stay off that foot so it can heal!!! Once the swelling is down, look up exercises for sprained ankles and do them, or it will heal with a weak spot where is was sprained. Love, kisses, and healing vibes….

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