David’s Dream Car and Big Girl Panties

Well… There you have it.

Have what exactly? Oh right…I forgot to mention…Adulthood. That is what I have a giant slab of adulthood. Ever since I have known David he has talked about owning a Mini Cooper S. For such a big guy he sure loves his small cars. We didn’t think this dream of his would ever be possible with our low income but here we are proud owners of a Mini. Ok, so truth be told David is a lot more excited then me (he is actually reading the owners manual as I write this).

But lets call a spade of spades here in order to do this David and I had to put on our big boy/girl panties and get a car loan. I know this may not seem very scary to some of you but it was completely new for both of us. We have always bought our cars out right. But someday David and I would like to apply for a mortgage and building credit is what we have to. So here were are locked into a car loan.

I will say, however, that the Mini is beautiful. It is a 2005 model with 90K miles and we we were able to purchase it for $8,700. We paid $1,000 down so that helped by making our first car loan very small, but hey now we will have credit. The funny thing is, our leander cut us a six cent check and told us to put in our desk drawer so that way we would never go broke. Not sure how I feel about this but at least they had a sence of humor.

Here’s to life, bills, and new cars!

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