When He Kissed Me (Falling In Love Part 4)


I had always wanted to kiss a girl on the lips but was never ready. I needed to be sure that she was the one I would spend my life with. That she was my forever. I am weird that way. I saved every piece of myself for the girl that would love me until the sun dies. I found that in her. The day I first kissed her it was like coming home but being unable to recognize the street. The night before I told her that I loved her. We were editing photographs in the basement of her aunts, where she had been living. I remember taking a photo of her as she sat curled up in her office chair. He hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing a rainbow printed hoodie. I told that I knew it was to soon to tell her but that I couldn’t hold it in any more, I loved her, I did.

I sat in my chair looking up at him as he leaned against my desk. I had been afraid to love. He was my best friend. They guy that made me feel comfortable and like a beautiful person. He said he loved me. That he knew it was to soon for those words but that he did love me, he did. After a brief moment with my heart pounding in my ears I said the words I love you too.

We hadn’t even hugged at this point. We had only ever been friends and she didn’t like to be touched. She had been hurt badly before and trust didn’t come easy. But I heard her. She said she loved me too. There was moment were I just stared into her eyes letting myself feel the power of those words for the first time. The only time. We hugged after that and held each other for a long while. I remember how tiny she felt in my arms. Her coconut hair and the vanilla on her skin.

His arms swallowed me whole. He said I love you and I said it back and we hadn’t even touched yet. I didn’t like to touch people it was too personal and awkward. But he held me and I loved the way I fit in his arms.

The night I kissed her she was rushing out to her car. I followed her because I wanted to say goodbye. But our love had to be secret because no one wanted us to be together. No one could know. But there she was in her car looking like the first frost. She was my winter wonderland. I knocked on the window. She unrolled it. I leaned into the car to kiss her on the cheek but my mouth brushed hers. I said sorry and that I didn’t mean to…she said it was ok and kissed me back.

I was buckled and was ready to drive away when a knock came on my car window. He was there. I unrolled my window. He leaned in to kiss me on the cheek but I turned my head and he brushed my lips. He said he was sorry and then I kissed him.

My first kiss. After a brief kiss I asked her how it was and she said my mouth was too open. Embarrassed I removed my head from her window.

The first kiss I had in a long while. Every bone in my body broke. It couldn’t be explained. It was a kiss only made for movies. After the briefest of moments he asked how he did. I didn’t know how to describe prefect so I said that his mouth was too open. He immediately removed his head from my car window. I unbuckled and opened the door.

She shut the car door and stood in front of me. For a moment life was ours. The stars and city smog filled our lungs. It was cold and her cheeks became my favorite shade of red. I grabbed her face in my hands and leaned her against her car. I was about to prove that my mouth wasn’t too open.

That night was perfect.

~Hope you will tune in tomorrow for the conclusion.


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