Life Is Good

Living in Charleston definitely has its woes. Like the bugs. They are everywhere! And it is gross. Today David and I had just gotten back from doing our laundry and just sat down to watch a movie before bed when he asks me to pause it. He then wonders into the kitchen looking around. I ask if he has the munchies or something and he says no. Being the nosey gal that I am, I kept bugging him to tell me what he was up to. He was being vague and dismissive.I was about to give up when I happened to look over at the wall and there is a gaint spider (David agrees with me here, so I’m not exaggerating.) I tried to take a photo but I didn’t want to look at it long enough. So like I said living in Charleston has its woas. 

But, it definitely has its up side. Today I got off at noon and drove to Mt. Pleasant to surprise David at work, for lunch. It was nice to eat under the shade Carolina trees and the hot sun. Once I got home I hung out by the pool where I got to see a very old man doggy paddle, a topless woman with weird stickers on her nipples (for protection I guess), and two of the cutest little boys playing pool football.

It was nice to sit outside and relax under the hot sun. I felt like I was living in the Caribbean. So different for artic chill of the West Coast. I even made homemade hamburgers & fries for dinner. Life is good, aside from those demons we call bugs. 


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