The Myrtle Beach Adventure 

Ok, so here’s the sad truth. Up until I moved here I thought Myrtle Beach was in Florida. You see all the tv shows about spring break that take place at the famed Myrtle Beach so for some reason I just assumed all spring break landed in the beaches of Florida. But no, I live a mere two hours away from Myrtle Beach South Carolina! 

So on that exciting note David and I were able to drive up and visit for the first time today. There is so much to do there that we will definitely be back. Today we just spent the day walking around and discovering the area. We went on this massive Farris Wheel called the skyline that overlooked the city. We won fifty dollars off a very cool seafood buffet called The Original Benjamin’s. When we arrived a pirate greated us with Mardi Gras style beads and we entered a ship oasis! Sharks on the wall,boats in every corner, 170 options of seafood (and some more kid friendly pastas & chicken). It was such an amazing experience. Definitely a cool town to visit.

There was a Ripleys museum and aquarium, a haunted house, Planet Hollywood, a wax museum… And so much more. So there is no doubt that we will be back. Not to mention the endless miles of beautiful beach. 

Well all I hope you enjoy my iPhone photos (my Nikon in broken (sad face)) 





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