Choosing Happiness

I used to wake up being the grumpiest person on the planet. Ok, so I still may be that way but the difference is that I usually wake up alone. Or with David, who generally has the same morning problems as I do so we don’t exchange pleasantries until we bothhave taken the time to wake up. 

In my growing up days I would wake up to my mom either singing me the song You Are My Sunshine or her overly perky greetings from the couch. She would be sipping her coffee, dressed in some warm PJs and her red curls rebelling against the laws of physics.

My mom is a morning person and always has been but I’m a night owl. So while my mom and I get along on most levels our sleep patterns will never sync.

The thing about my mom is that she used to be a cheerleader. Peppiness is in her blood. She is a shopper, a shoe collecter, artistic, happy, bubbly, and most of the time she has a smile on her face. Most people think I exaggerate, like my best friend for example, the first time they met I warned her that my mom was a tad on the peppy side and my friend rolled her eyes. Well the first thing my mom ever said to her was, “Oh, my God! You’re purse is SOOO CUTE!” It’s been a joke ever since. 

But mom is her own juxtaposition. She is a city girl at heat but married to a mountain man while living as a country bumpkin in Montana. I would never say my mom has had an easy life she has been through a lot. More then most. And her strength inspires me. She was a single mom, navigated through being a great stepmom, learned how to help her children heal when their father passed away and then took the time to grieve the loss of a great love in her life, she has lost family members to cancer and heart failure, and was brave enough to go back to school in her early fourties. She never gives up. 

I love my mom for that. She is always happy or at least tries to be no matter what is going on in her life. I once asked her why she always has a smile on her face and makes jokes, her reply was simple. She said she is happy because she chooses to be every morning she wakes up. 

2 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness

  1. It is much easier for me to choose happiness when I am well rested…. If I don’t get my beauty rest, my attitude is not pretty :). Luckily, I sleep well, most nights!

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