Our Camping Experience (Buck Hall)

Yesterday David and I thought it would be romantic if we went on a mini camping trip for our two year anniversary. And to tell you the truth I am half tempted to lie to you all and talk about how perfect the night was and how we camp all the time. But, let’s call the spade of spades here, David and I are two city folk that were raised in the country so it gives us this false illusion that we know how to camp. 

Well, our first mistake was thinking it was a good idea to camp in 97 degree weather with 80% or more humidity. When we got to the site David started to build the tent while I went to hunt for wood for a campfire. Well, here I am in my little white tank top and shorts galavantung around in the woods like I know what the heck I’m doing when I start to hear a crunching noise. I look up to find no one there so I continue to dig through dirt, bug infested piles, spider webs, and dried up leaves to find anything that we could use as fire wood when I hear the crunching noise again. I look up starting to freak out thinking I am going to be in a Criminal Minds Episode but again there was nothing. This time, however, I veer back towards the main trail. I guess I should have mentioned that the woods I was meandering in had a no trespassing sign. 

Once I got towards the trail I heard loud barking and I turned to find five massive dogs. I ran out of there like a kid who just peed in a public pool and made the water change color. When I came out of the woods David took one look at me and asked if I was ok. I could tell he wanted to laugh at me, and okay I don’t blame him, I’m sure I looked ridiculous. I answered him by telling him there were dogs. He nodded and went about his business building the tent. Now, I know I looked funny covered in dirt and constantly washing my hands with the ice we had in our cooler but David did too all covered in sweat. He reminded my of a chocolate covered strawberry. Sweat being the chocolate and David being the strawberry. And then we decided to roast of hotdogs with too short sticks that we purchased from the dollar store. Let me tell you what…The romance was a thick as th humidity outside. Yeah, not so much.

    After our hotdog dinner we strolled out to a dock area where some other campers were fishing. Now, the last thing you wanted to do was swim because the water was murky but we sat with our feet dipped in. There  was this indescribable peace that came over us. It was the South Carolina you see films. The grass was a rich green, the water completely still, fish jumping out of the water, birds flying over head, crabs playing by the shore, and the Carolina sky was magical. It didn’t matter then that we weren’t prepared for camping it was truly beautiful.


After a long while we came back to our site made s’mores and talked. We layed down in our tent for awhile peeking out at the sky listening the cicadas and the wind in the trees. But after awhile the heat got the best of me and I started to feel sick so we decided to pack up and head home. We barely made it to the parking lot of our apartment complex  before I leaped out the car and took of running. I barely made it to our place before I was throwing up in a Nielmed box. David came into the house right in the middle of my lady like behavior and asked if I was ok. I was embarrassed so I made some lame joke about how the Nielmed box would never be the same. He gave me a strange look and then offered to take the box out to the dumpster. I then stripped down and prepared the shower and my tooth brush. David came back into the  house and checked on me when he noticed that I had a tic on my back! 

After we showered I got in my nighie and we watched some Gilmore Girls. Once I was sure my stomach was fine David wrapped me in his arms and stroked my hair until I fell asleep. 

Well, needless to say our anniversary wasn’t the most romantic evening in the world but it did showcase what marriage is. It’s friendship, sacrifice, helping out when the other needs it and being willing to look past the gross. I guess if your brave enough you can call that love.

Today we were able to have a redo date. We scored some free movie tickets and went and saw Jurassic World, which was good but had few cheesy parts, and splurged at a cheap burger joint as a dinner date. Sometimes the classic dinner and movie is all you need.


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