Today I Was A Block Away From President Obama… The Funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney (Charleston Strong)

 Well I wish I could say that I actually saw the president today but no such luck. Not that it would be “lucky” considering why he was in Charleston, but I will say it was a pretty weird feeling to know that the president of The United States was a mere block away from me while I was at work. The only exciting thing I actually saw was a band of policemen on motorcycles drive in front of the store. As lame as it sounds it was kind of cool to see because I knew that they were making sure the roads were clear for Obama’s men to return him home. Not that his flock of cars were going to drive on King Street but all surrounding areas must be checked. I couldn’t help but think that the policemen had a hay day today working with the Secret Service.

I have mixed feelings about today. I have lost a loved ones in my life and it was important to me that when it was time to lay them to rest that the attention was all on them and the life they lived. And while today was the funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney there seemed to be more focus on Obama’s presence in Charleston then the loss of great man. Especially with the 150618101812-restricted-clementa-pinckney-file-large-11new law that passed to make same-sex marriage legal in all states. Obama was late to give his the eulogy by the way because he had to take the time to sign that bill. I guess that is the life a U.S president though. Anyways, I heard phrases like, “today was fun!”   and “I had so a blast!” Fun? Really? I get that it as an amazing honor to have the president speak at a funeral but I wouldn’t say it was a blast or that it should be fun. But, what do I know? I didn’t know the Rev. maybe he wanted his death to mean something or to have people smile despite their pain.

It was funny, however, because the Apple Store tends to be a busy place… Just ask anyone who has ever walked into an Apple Store. It is like Disney Land for adults… Anyways, instead of it being busy today the store was a ghost town. I was half tempted to go find a tumble weed that me and my coworkers could toss around like a ping pong ball.

At any rate, it was a powerful moment because we had the live funeral footage streamed throughout our store and coworkers and customers (the three we had) alike were glued to the screens. It may be the only time that region and politics could play openly at our store without offending anyone. Or any public place rather…considering how strict things have gotten.

It is tragic what has happened here. I must say I picked a weird time to move to the south, but I have become quite proud of this city. Charleston has stuck together and had a united front this whole time. The tourists are curious, the locals are sad and others are angry but no matter what everyone is doing what they can to help. Heck, my store closed down the day of the shooting out of respect. Despite the fact that we just released the Apple Watch. I find it amazing to see people stick together in a time like this instead of rioting or something worse.

Though today was mainly about the Reverend I would also like to list out the eight other people who lost there lives the day of that horrible massacre, because they deserve it. They lived just as strong, laughed just as often, and loved just as hard.

More About The Victims

Tywanza Sanders


Cynthia Hurd (Oddly enough when I sprained my ankle a few months back I was at the library and I had the chance to met her briefly)


Rev. Sharonda Singleton 


Rev. DePayne Middleton-Doctor


Myra Thompson


Susie Jackson


Ethel Lance


Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr.


~In case you guys want to watch the eulogy~


One thought on “Today I Was A Block Away From President Obama… The Funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney (Charleston Strong)

  1. Thank you for sharing the names and photos of those who lost their lives to such tragedy. Prayers for their loved ones and the town of Charleston. These people have such beautiful smiles on their faces. This is humbling.

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