10 Of The Most Hated & Annoying Songs Ever Made(Playlist 06.28.15)

Well hello, my friends! I have been doing this blog every night for the last six months and what a great time I have had. I am very close to having 200 followers! So a big shout out to all the people that take the time to read my words. Thank you so much and it honestly means so much to me. ♥

On Sundays I usually post the playlist I have been listening to all week, songs of great lyrical content and amazing sound, but today I decided to do something a little different. I have been alive for a mere 24 years and during that time I have heard some pretty awful songs. Annoying songs. Songs that burn in your brain and never go away. So I thought I would post a list of some of the most hated and annoying songs of all time. There are so many I wanted to add to this list… but the ten I have will do. Please comment and add songs that drive you up the wall, we will compare notes 😉

Enjoy and please have a good laugh. You deserve it.

  • I’m a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) – Gummibar

  • My Humps – The Black Eyed Peas

  • Crazy Frog – Axel F

  • Friday – Rebecca Black

When 13-year-old Rebecca Black had her parents buy her the chance to make her own music video, there’s no way she could have predicted how ‘successful’ that video would be. Not exactly the best singer in the world, her badly-penned lyrics and awkward video soon became a hit. 19% of respondents said this was the worst of the list.” ~What Culture~

  • Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson

  • Gangnam Style – PSY

  • Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

Okay, only watch this if you want to scar your eyes for life. Now I kind of like the song. The lyrics aren’t bad the beat is decent but I much prefer the cover versions of this song because no one should prance around naked on a wrecking ball while licking a mallet. Can I get a AMEN? Joking… (kind of) but seriously there are some seriously weird spoofs of this video. 

  •  Baby – Justin Bieber

  • Whip My Hair – Willow Smith

  • The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

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