Ballads & Love Songs From The Past, Present, and Future 

As per the Sunday usual I am going to post a playlist. I will say that this week I have been enjoying the start of my free three-month trial with Apple Music. I am still up in the air with how I feel about it. On one hand… Music downloads everywhere! On the other hand… I like music to be authentic. I like to buy records and albums for the art of it. So I dot know how I feel yet about it but I’ll let you know.

Anyways, enjoy this weeks playlist that is full of love, stories, and musical power.

Remember Me: Augustana 

In A Week: Hozier (feat. Karen Cowley) 

Burning House: Cam 

Hurt: Christina Aguilera 

Stay With Me: Sam Smith

Chasing Pavements: Adele 

Because Of You: Kelly Clarkson 

Dark Paradise: Lana Del Rey 

Cryin’: Aerosmith 

I Would Do Anything For Love: Meat Loaf 

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