Feeding The Turtles & Downtown Charleston 

Today David and I decided to go on a much needed date. With all the craziness that has been going on with our finances and job situations we haven’t really made time for each other and for a marriage to stay strong and healthy that needs to happen. So we woke up late and had a wonderful homemade breakfast. Complete with sausage.

Behind our apartment is a large pond full of the cutest turtles and lots of fish. It was David’s idea to take some of our “getting stale bread,” and “slightly bad” apples and go feed the turtles after we ate our breakfast. At first I wasn’t that into it. The idea seemed boring but once we were out there enjoying the sun, laughing, and watching the turtles have a food fight, I was surprisingly relaxed. For the first time in months.

After the feeding frenzy I convinced David to take me shopping. Considering I gained a ton of weight and it is warm down here, I hardly have any clothes. I know girls say that all the time but I swear on my life that this is a true statement. I have never really been much of a shopper. Too much energy is needed and I always walk away feeling fat and poor. Besides I had a coupon for a free panty at Victoria’s Secret. Fancy that. It was actually really funny because when I asked for a dressing room the sales associate asked if David wanted to come in. I was surprised that was even allowed but I agreed anyways. So much for the poor husband waiting outside the dressing rooms. By all means come sit on a pink bench and watch your wife undress. I could tell he was having a hay-day. Trust me there were plenty of sex jokes. So I am not sure if I will agree to that again but I will say it was a great laugh. It is no secret that I am a chesty girl so when I was trying on a sports bra that latched in front I couldn’t get it shut. Kind of like when a back of dress won’t zip and you have to ask some one to zip it while you suck in everything you got… Well, this bra was like that. I couldn’t latch the front and so I asked David to help and after much effort and a lot of boob smashing we got those puppies in there and man once they were in they weren’t budging. Trust me I did a weird bounce/dance and they weren’t moving. And if you are a girl you know how hard that is to achieve. Anyways, we were both laughing so hard the associate knocked on the door asking if we needed any help. I am sure she regretted letting us both in at this point and was sure we were up to something scandalous.

Later, we went out to eat at this great Charleston food gem. It is a place called Closed For Business. Which for starters is a great name. The place is known for its great alcohol selection but considering we aren’t drinkers we go there for the amazing sandwiches. The place looks and feels very industrial with its brick-walls, giant wood doors, weird steam-punk style decorations. If you are ever in Charleston this is the place to gather. I know that when my family visits me in six weeks I am taking them there. No doubt.

Well, it’s late and I have a husband to get back to but I had a great day and I hope you did too. But if your like me and good days come few and far between put yourself out there and do something fun.


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