I feel anxious. All the time. Like I’m constantly stressed out. My heart beats and my pulse raises. Sometimes I get short of breath. I try to be calm and not worry but I feel like all that does is turn my mind off and I am not actually dealing with the problem I’m just shutting it down. When you are out of options what do you do? David is always saying I need to stay calm and trust in God and I do. I really do but I want peace of mind. I’m sick of being the couple people pity. I know it’s not necessary what everyone thinks and I know I shouldn’t care but it’s really hard being the young poor couple when your surrounded my success stories. I feel guilty when I buy a snickers bar or when I spend money that we don’t have. I don’t do it often but I feel guilty when I do. I feel as if I’m choking. 

All I can do is take things one day at a time and hope for a better future.

3 thoughts on “Anxious 

  1. Don’t worry Red. Just plan time for yourself to sit with your favorite drink, in your favorite chair with the word of God. Don’t even worry about reading too much, take in just a little at a time and then sit in silence and let God’s peace overwhelm you. Don’t worry about praying or errands you need to run, just be present with him.

    You have nothing to fear for our Lord has already conquered the world!

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