My Car Died & I Went To Pizza Heaven (A Date Night To Remember)

On our way to our much needed and overdo date night! We cranked up the new song Locked Away by R. City ft. Adam Levine.  

However, right in the middle of my selfie frenzie and my much needed sing along fest the car window made a loud cracking noise. 

I think that it came off of the track because it just stopped working. So we had to stop at the corner of happy and healthy (Walgreens) and get tape so that the window would stay closed. How hillbilly are we?  


Fortunately we had to stop there anyways because our plan was to dine out and then come home to have a nice relaxing movie night. And every movie night needs its snacks. The bad news is, we have to get my car window fixed pronto and let’s just pray it isn’t going to cost a fortune.

After Walgreens we drove to a pizza place downtown. One of David’s coworkers raved about the place so we had to go check it out. And I am glad we did! It was absolutely amazing. It’s called Desano Pizza Bakery. All of there food is imported from Italy DAILY. Yes, daily.   

On the outside the place doesn’t look like much but it’s what on the inside that counts. Yes, that age old expression really works in this case. So here is how it goes, you walk in and order your pizza off of a menu written completely in Italian and then go inside and pick your table. Doesn’t sound like much right? But here is what will amaze you, when you walk in the area is completely open concept! You watch them make the entire pizza and once the pizza is made you watch them put the pizza in these real fire ovens, that heat at 750 degrees, and let them bake for 90 seconds because thats all it takes. Words cannot express how amazing the pizza was and the service was incredible. After we ate the pizza one of the bakers brought us a free cannoli, that also tasted like heaven on my lips. And the best part was it wasn’t extremely expensive. We ordered a 16in pizza, meatballs, and some bread and only paid $30. Not bad for a date night.  

After the amazing grub we came home, hung out by the pool and then watched a movie. While eating all of our candy! Ok not all because I was really full from dinner. Overall it was great evening!


Night all!


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