Mechanic Blessings 

Last weak I posted about how my car window broke and we had to go hillbilly and tape it up. 

Well, luckily for me I work with a guy who builds race cars as a business (Drifter Hot Rods) and loves to fix things. He is a mechanic down to the bone. He was so nice to offer to look at it for us and see what was going on. As it turns out one of the plastic pieces that keeps the window on track broke off. As soon as we find that part he said he would fix it for free. I feel so blessed but now for finding that part…


All that was how my day started. Standing out in the hot sun watching someone try to fix my car. But while David and were standing outside it started to pour in a true South Carolina fashion. So we had to finish the rest of our errands soaking wet and sprinting through the rain. 

However the brightside to all of this is that David and were able to have a whole day together. And if your married you know how rare that is. 

So life is mostly good, we have a lot of stress and some big decisions to make but I just have to hang on to hope.


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