Awe, the price of being human

For the most part I’m harder on myself then other people are on me. If that makes sense. I often expect perfection from myself and other people. I hold myself to impossible standards. If I have one tiny zit on my face suddenly I am ugly. If I don’t achieve or do well at something I am a failure. When my marriage isn’t perfect I get angry. 

Today I woke up 40 minutes after my shift started and ended up being an hour and half late for work. I am never late in fact I am always early, obsessively early. And last week when David over slept and arived to work late I will admit that I looked down at him and was mad at him for being, irresponsible, and for being an imperfect human. So you can imagine that when I was late today I was in a mass panic and extremely upset with myself. However, when I arrived at work they were not mad at all. They said it happens. What!!! I didn’t get fired on the spot? Of course not. 

There it is, my biggest fault written for all the world to read. I just need to remember that I am an imperfect person and that life happens. I’m not perfect and nobody is. 

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