What a Weird Day

Yesterday was fun, bittersweet you could say. I was happy to have breakfast with my mom and grandma because I knew it would be a really long time before I would see them again, so I wanted to make the most out of the day. 

After breakfast we went downtown to tour the Charleston Exchange building and the Old Slave Mart. Both were historically interesting and provided a lot of insight. Especially the Slave Mart. We all have our beliefs and thoughts about slavery but for me personally it disturbs me on a great level that we treated humans like that once upon a time. Now we call it murder, kidnapping, abuse and let’s face it we live in a “sue-happy” world. But back then it was considered a way of life. Sick.

After that we mostly hung out together. Enjoying each other’s company while we could. It was around ten when David and I left the Holiday Express that my family was staying at so my mom and grandma  could get ready for their flight in the morning. 

It was hard to drive away because when we did that was it. No more dinners, laughs, hang outs, or tourist like activities… Vacation over. The next time I was going to see them was in a couple hours to take them to the airport.

So we did this morning, picking them up at  four o’clock. Yikes! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been up since 3:30. Too early but it was worth it to say goodbye. 

My heart felt heavy driving away from the airport. I’m close with my family, especially my mom and being away from her is always hard. But for some reason the feelings of sadness felt deeper then usual. I think it is because I honestly don’t know when I’ll see her again. 

I had to be at work by eight and ended up arriving to the downtown parking garage thirty minutes early. Which was nice because I ran into my coworker, Peggy, and we had breakfast together. Well, she ate and I sipped my black coffee somberly. But it was good to be with a friend. She travels to and from NYC a lot and she always has the best stories. Today’s story was about how she met Tim Cook, who happened to be at the Apple Store she used to work at. So cool… Because believe me that never happens. 

For the most part work was normal except when I helped someone I graduated high school with…so weird and random. Like, what are the odds I’m going to run into someone from Missoula, Montana? In Charleston, South Carolina no less? And even slimmer odds that I am going to run into someone and I graduated high school with. There’s like a 10% chance of that happening… no make that 1% chance and yet it happen today. It was funny because I knew I recognized him and you could tell he recognized me so I thought I’d helped him before. Lo and behold it’s because, hey, we had our senior English class together. Odd. I didn’t know it was him until I saw his name written out. I was like wait may ask where you’re from? And he was all I’m from Montana. And it clicked. I was like wait you went to Sentinal High School? And he was like yeah… And I said I did too. 

We were never friends. This is probably the only conversation we have ever had. He was the class Vice President and I was the school weirdo. No joke. We made small talk and he went on with his day. He is in the Military hence his big move the Charleston. 

It threw me off entirely. After that weird things just kept happening. I was asked to speak at tomorrow’s work meeting. I cracked a straw open on accident. I ran into a few walls and slammed a few doors. Watched way to many lifetime movies and fell asleep on the couch. I think it’s because I had a long week and I got up at 3 AM. Today just felt weird and I needed to catch up on life. Correction, I needed to catch up on some much needed downtime.

Right now I feel a little sad because they are all gone and this week went by way too fast but, on the other hand, I feel so blessed because having them here, at least for a little while, was exactly what I needed.



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