Sea Legs… My Cruise (Part One)

Well we are back and man does it feel good to be on land. I definitely got a little seasick and now my equilibrium is way off. I read somewhere that if you tell yourself you are not seasick you will no longer feel uneasy. They lied. I also read that if you drive around it helps because it forces your brain to use your motor skills. That worked a little bit because while I was driving I felt fine but then I started walking again and things were worse. Yikes. But luckily there are meds for these things and I have been sitting in front of the TV or enjoying the beautiful weather outside and not doing things that require a lot of movement. Ironically my husband and I watched Jaws tonight. Nothing like a classic shark tale post cruise ship.

I also want to say that CNN grossly exaggerated what Charleston looks like. Sure there are parts that are bad but nothing I haven’t seen before and I have only lived here since January. So for those of you that are worried about us know that we are fine and that I will keep you posted. I was afraid to debark the ship because I had no cell service and the only story I got was what I saw on the news but it was completely fine. The hurricane did not affect Charleston that badly.

I had such a great time though. It was so amazing to be able to relax and not worry about life and how stressful it can be. When David and I got on the boat we looked around for a little bit and then stripped down into our swimsuits and hot-tubbed on the adults only deck. It was one of our favorite moments because there wasn’t too many people on the boat and we had the area to ourselves. We would have stayed in a lot longer despite the rain but we got kicked out for the mandatory safety meeting. Which was basically the boat version of what stewardesses do in airplanes.

The first day on the boat is what they call a day at sea and David and I literally slept most of it away. Napping is a beautiful thing. Aside from sleeping we went swimming, down a large waterslide that was meant for the children to enjoy, hot-tubbing, and ate lots of food!

Seriously there was so much food and it was all included in the price. There was a homestyle grill buffet from 12-6, 7am-12 breakfast  buffet, breakfast you could dine in at in one of the eloquent dinning rooms, a Mongolian Wok, Italian, 24 hour pizza bar and room service… The list goes on and on. One of the best parts about the cruise in my opinion was the assigned dinners. You didn’t have to go because there was always a buffet or room service you could have but the cruise does assign you either an early dinning time or a late dinning time in which you go and eat at the table that has been assigned to you. I know how this sounds because I wasn’t looking forward to it and figured I would be the one ordering room service and picnicking on a quiet part of the ship. I thought wrong. The wait service was incredible and really entertaining. One of our waiters was an older, balding, and short man who I believe was Italian and I think that he is one of the ships hidden gems, I am sure of it. Part of the dinning experience is that the all of the waiters/waitress sing and dance for you. So seeing our waiter do Gundam Style was hilarious. 

We also had a great table filled with people our age. There was a lot of laughter and I felt like I was building a friendship with these people. Sure it was awkward at first but once you let that go and just enjoyed yourself it was actually a lot of fun. Beyond that it was the best food on the ship. I am still thinking about the sweat and sour shrimp I had on the first night and the cappuccino pie on the last night. Yum.

However what they don’t tell you is how terrible the water tastes. And I mean terrible. I had to squeeze four slices of lemon into each class just to mask the horrible taste and every other drink on the boat is at cost which is a bummer. Ok, not every drink but every drink worth drinking. I didn’t even have the pleasure of black coffee because it was pretty much watered down garbage which the same rule applies to the juices. I will say though that the grapefruit juice wasn’t bad and neither was the hot chocolate. But really? How much hot chocolate can you eat on a cruise ship that is setting sail to the Bahamas? And the grapefruit juice was room service only and sometimes that room service took 45 minutes and it was obsurd to think that you wait that long for 6 ounces of juice. So that was the massive downside to cruise along with all the smoking on the ship. There were smokers on the ship that were getting sick from all the smoke. But I heard that they are making it all smoke-free starting sometime this year. The seasickness wasn’t fun either but it isn’t the cruise ships fault that there was a hurricane during our cruise.

It was also amazing to having your room freshened up and cleaned more then once per day and they folded the towels into cute animals which was a huge plus. Because who doesn’t love amazing customer service? We were even asked if we were on our honeymoon. Apparently we are two love birds who can’t keep our hand off each other, but we took that as a compliment. After 2.5 years we are still in the honeymoon phase. 

 Well, there is so much to say about our trip and for the next few nights I’ll be posting all about it but for now I need to get some shut-eye… all the typing is making me queasy, Stupid seasickness.



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