You know you live in the south when…

  • You come home and say “Let’s order Buck’s take out for dinner”
  • When you have met more then one couple name Bessie & Dale
  • You can go to restaurants and order up some frog legs
  • There is a giant spider to you left, right, and crawling up your back
  • Girls don’t wear clothing they wear lose cloths that cover enough to make it PG 13 but sometimes when they shift the scene becomes rated R
  • Everyone says ma’am and sir like it’s going out of style
  • We all say “hey brother” or “hey sister” and a chorus of We Are Family pollutes your brain
  •  College football and literally nothing else… Life=college football
  • There is a churches on every corner, sometimes two on each corner 
  • Saying “bless your heart”  is cursing
  • Boiled peanuts are everywhere. In South Carolina doesn’t have hotdog stands we have boiled peanut stands. We can even get them beside the fried chicken in the grocery stores
  • Speaking of chicken… You now know what the outside of every grocery store smells like. 
  • If you open your bedroom window, you have a natural sound machine. Choose from either crashing waves or mountain crickets…OK or cicadas but we won’t go there.
  • Bow ties are no joke they are a THING


One thought on “You know you live in the south when…

  1. Oh NO! When we were there I said the the housekeeper at the hotel. “Bless your heart” My mom said that was not appropriate but I continued to do it anyway. LOL – I truly meant it. The gal was a gem. So to the lovely lady at the hotel, and often while shopping I say I am sorry for “blessing your heart” I only meant it in the most northern way possible. lol

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