Hallow’s Eve My Darlings.

Ahh! A fresh new week and what’s in store for us? Spooky things that’s for sure! 

Ok, pardon the cheese fest but I simply could not resist for Hallow’s Eve is near. In one weeks time the goblins and the ghouls will be out to play. 

Though we have romantasized the creepy creatures of the night so much that we hardly have much left to fear. Why fear a blood sucking vampire when the culture says vampires are the best lovers. And werewolfs are from attractive native American tribes who will be the most loyal friends of all. Alright so I get that this is just one book/movie franchise but still it’s an odd phenomenon. What about witches and wizards? Who doesn’t want to live one day in the world of Harry Potter? And please don’t get me started on zombies… They are everywhere. Zombies are just as “cool” as football nowadays. I think that the only thing that has gotten creeper over time is clowns. We used to all love them, I was even a clown for Halloween, but now we all hate them.

But, it is what it is and we all love it. Personally I love seeing fat babies in adorable costumes and children all decked out. Honestly what is cuter then kids wearing costumes? It’s when we get older and dress up that it becomes a problem because we go from cute pumpkins too every custume beginning with the word sexy. The slutty nurse, car woman, the goddess… Reminds me of mean girls when she attends the party as a zombie bride and all her friends are snaked out. 

I love that we all sit around watching hit movies from the 80’s and 90’s that have been remade a thousand times. At this point they are no longer scary just ridiculous and legendary. How can we forget Michael Myers, Jason, and Freddy Krueger. My brother even dressed up like Jason one night. They are the heros of Americas dark side. They an iconic part of American Culture.  I will saw however, out of all these famous films Freddy Krueger freaks me out the most. I’m still haunted by the scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street where this guys is relieved that he is finally dead but then it shows him in his unconscious mind and Freddy Krueger appears out of nowhere. The guy is completely freaked out and says that he is dead so this can’t be happening and Krueger says something about how his body is dead but he still has his mind for seven minutes. Creepy!

My favorite though is the decorating. I feel as if we all get super creative and turn up our imaginations. I love shows like Halloween Wars and Halloween baking because it’s pure talent and brilliance. 








 Halloween is the beginning of fall and the beloved holiday season. However, I do find it funny that we begin the season on a spooky note and end it with the warm fuzzies of New Years nostalgia.

This week my posts are going to be about Halloween so stayed tuned! 

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