12 Embarrassing Mistakes We Make 

  1. Mixing up words… Like saying, “have a good night.” When it’s 9:30 AM
  2. Experienced a public wardrobe mishap… 
  3.  Maintaining a polite acquaintanceship with someone whose name you can’t remember. Seriously it is so much less awkward to ask them their name a million times when you first meet then randomly ask 5 months later…
  4. Cutting your own hair. 
  5. Disclosing way to much information on the inter webs
  6. Washing your whites with something red. Like Rachael did on friends the first time she did laundry with Ross.
  7. Getting a tattoos on our lower backs… We all know the nickname for it and it isn’t pretty so why do it? Especially the butterfly? Cliché
  8. Stalking an ex on social media and talking and an obsessive amount of time to get over them.
  9. Lying about something stupid and then getting caught.
  10. Eating like we have a metabolism of a 13 year old.
  11. Going on some “proven” get skinny quick diet/body cleanse 
  12. Deciding to not get gas when the gas light is on… And then running out of gas 

3 thoughts on “12 Embarrassing Mistakes We Make 

  1. You call it embarrassing things to do, I call it, “how to make a boring day into a fun day”… esp when you misjudge the distance to the next petrol station and the amount of petrol left in your car. those are always fun haha. Pretty funny post.

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