There was something unrecognizable in your voice the moment you touched me. An undertone of fear and want. It was like fire on my skin. The feeling you get when you touch the freshly used stove. I could have avoided you but you are the marrow in my bones. The heat between us is viral.

I am your destruction, over time I will ruin you, but you are my saving grace. I am the darkness you are the light. I am forever bound to you like a prisoner on death row but you are the hero, possessing the power to walk away. I am the villain, selfish, relentless, and unwilling to walk away. I play by my rules and you follow what is right.

Your touch so soft, as ripe as a bright red tomato. My touch harsh and untrusting. As thick as the water the drips from your veins. Your burgundy blood. I kiss your cheekbone and listen to you chirp. My hope is that you will walk away.

At any moment you can save yourself. But I am glued to this bed. When you don’t move I lower my kiss to your jawline. Your hands weave through my hair and I lean my face into your hand. Beautiful. Majestic. Flawed and crimson.

The hollowness of my soul is completed by your perfection. You know what I am. Yet you love me. Despite my sunless, overcast condition. Without you I am almost a storm. On the verge of a hurricane. But with you lightning strikes and flood warnings appear. But I pull your shirt off anyways.

You are yellow, bright. You are blue, peaceful. You are white, pure. Never been loved. Yet to be broken.

But, love me.

Love me.

And you do.

To me its perfection. It takes away my disgrace but only for a moment. But this is your first time with a stray. I’m taking you without regard. I am cutting you open and leaving you for dead.

And I love you.

Love you deeply.



With a loud beating heart.

Taking everything good and replacing it with bad. I am infecting you with my poison. You are aware. Willingly. Boiling yourself down to nothing just for a moment with the evil you claim you love.

I close my lids and there is a sunset of orange. I feel you running through me like a broken down dam. I take it all. With Greed. With Lust.

After, we lay side by side in a sea of gray. The demon loved the angel. My dark wings of velvet cloak you like a blanket. Your wings of gold and white lie deflated and crippled against your back.

I tried not to seduce you but you couldn’t resist me. I tried not infect you but you drank from my cup anyways. I don’t like who I am. I wish I wasn’t this disease, a cancer, but I am.

Gated Angel

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