The Green Goat

Originally David and I planned to go back to the fair today to explore all of the rides but in the end he was tired and I had a stomach ache so we decided to stay in. 

It was a good choice too because it gave us both the time and money to go and get David’s haircut, which he was in dire need of. 


This video doesn’t exist
When went to local bar & grill called The Green Goat that we hadn’t been too before.  David got the ham & cheese stuffed meatloaf with mashed potatoes made with real goat cheese while I got the classic fish and chips. It was surprisingly delious. A definite gem that we will someday revisit. 

Once we got home we watched, The Help, which my friend let me borrow because she highly recommended it. The movie was an emotional ride. I felt both awed and sad at the end of it. 

But now it time for bed.  

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