Right after my first year in college I  spent a lot of time traveling. I needed to get away from life and discover new exciting things. I first flew to St. Croix USVI where I spent a full forty days surrounded by the Caribbean culture. Shortly after that I drove around Montana, Idaho, and Washington, discovering more about the states I was closest too. I also went to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and California. 

I loved California. It’s my favorite states. It is so beautiful, warm, and cultured. 

While I was in California I was able to see the capital building in Sacramento, the historic old Sacramento, Roseville, and San Francisco. 

Those memories are some of the best that I have. My best friend graduated college last May and she is doing something very similar to what I did. We talked on the phone today and it brought back so much. 

My advice. If you have the chance go! Be free. And have fun. Don’t be afraid.  Explore and document it because I promise that you will have the time of your life.


One thought on “Go!

  1. I couldn’t agree more! However, it is almost as thought you and your bestie need to take an adventure together. Mexico can’t be the end of the adventures of T-dog and Boom-boom. hehe

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