Tennessee Bound

David and I have been so busy lately that it seems incredibly weird that Thanksgiving is a week away. 

This will be my first semi-warm holiday season and I am looking forward to it. Though David is a bit sad he isn’t around his beloved snow. But that is coming from the guy who sings Christmas songs in July. Ever since Starbucks started playing there holiday music I sware he comes home in a better mood. 

Well, for the most part this season we will be under the warm Carolina sun but the parts were we are bound to be chilled to bone are the parts we plan on spending in Tennessee. 

This weekend we are headed to our hotel right off of the Dixie Highway (at the Dixie Plaza In) so that we can have a pre-thanksgiving dinner with the Kadrons. It will be the first time David is going to be home for the holidays in six years! So exciting. 

So we will enjoy a meal at his family’s church in the town of Sharps Chapel and then go back to his families goat farm on Happy Hollow Lane. In case your ever there and you get lost its right beside Devils Backbone Road…


This is no joke. My in laws are as wholesome and as country as they come. But they are great. 

When I first met my husband, and generally when everyone meets David for the first time, all they can do is rave about how nice he is, what a gentleman, how sweet etc… And it’s true he is quite the southern charmer. I wasn’t sure where it came from until I met his family and they are all like him. Smiley, happy,unique, and full of love. 

After my family met them at our wedding they raved about how well behaved and how nice everyone was for weeks. I’m very blessed to have married into there world. Most people fear or dislike there in-laws and though this will be my fifth time ever meeting them I couldn’t be more excited to experience a Kadron Thanksgiving! 


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