Music That Makes You Think

As most of you know, I do not spend very much time on Facebook. In fact if you tried to reach out to me via Facebook I am more then likely not going to respond to you because I won’t have the time or energy to be on Facebook that long. I am not a media girl. Blogging is my preferred media outlet. 

Today I was online looking for places to live when I decided to hop on Facebook to clear out the massive pile of pointless notifications. As I was doing so a video from an old coworker caught my eye. I was so amazed at the quality, sound, and the message of the video that I feel compelled to share it with my beloved readers. 

When I lived in Spokane I worked and became friends with most of the people in this video. I even know the guy who made the video. The lead singer and I got along really well and he was one of my favorite coworkers. His name, ironically, is David. He has the biggest heart and doesn’t stand for injustice. He always stood up for me and when his doctor told him to abort his son because he might be born with Down Syndrome he told him that no matter what he was going to love and nurture the child he created. He wasted no time finding a new doctor. My point is simply that I am so proud to call these guys my friends. Not along are they amazingly talented but they are using their gifts to send a message to world.

A message that says we need to love all, respect all, and not discriminate. We were all born on the same playing field. I won’t lie I have been both the tormented and the tormenter. I am not proud of the unkind words I may have spoken or thought especially because I have been beaten down so many times in my life. I have fought very hard to remain positive and still stand undefeated. 

Anyways, this video sends a message that is vibrant, intense, and something that we can all relate to.

Watch & Share your thoughts…



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