An Emotional Week

Well the weeks half over and it looks like things are going mostly good. David and I are working on something that we are keeping semi-secret and over the past week everything has fallen into place. It is stressful but I know it will all be worth it in the end. Trust me the moment everything is official I will divulge all the fun details. 

But that is the good news. The bad news is some unpleasant things are happening with my work situation. Unfortunately I can’t say too much for confidentiality reasons but I will say that in found gold, chased the rainbow, and had the gold stolen from me. 

It’s a metaphor of seemingly having it all but then it is taken from you without warning and you are completely blindsided. 

So I’ve had an emotional and stressful week. Yesterday I was way to down to write a post. But today things are looking up. And the week is only half over! It’s an confusing and stressful time and just as soon as I can I will tell you all about it but for now I have to keep some secrets. 

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