Atlanta Bound

I’ve only been to Atlanta Georgia once. I was 20 and fresh off the farm. Ok so not really but I was a naïve college sophomore from Montana.

I was flying down to St. Croix where I was planning on spending the summer. I went down the summer before so in my mind I was a flying expert. Not so much. 

I decided to delay my flight and stay in Atlanta for a night because I figured it would be a fun adventure. Will it was an adventure but I wouldn’t say fun…

I booked this hotel because I was college I didn’t have very much money to spend so I booked the cheapest hotel I could find. What a mistake. After getting pushed, herded like cattle, and being sat on I was more then ready to walk the streets of Atlanta and maybe grab myself some dinner. How foolish I was. It is never a good idea to gallivanting around a strange city by yourself. Especially at night. Especially when your a young female. 

Well when I got to the hotel I was terrified. The place was crawling with large men in colorful suits and scantly clad woman. Woman in only bras and short skirts. There was spary paint on the outside walls. I mean this place was not safe. Even the guy that checked me looked at me like I was an insane person. I’m pretty confident that it was a hooker hotel full of pimps.

I ended up locking myself in my room all night only coming out for 5 minutes to raid the vending machine for dinner. At one point I heard a car backfire and thought it was a gun. Needless to say I vowed to never go back to Atlanta again. 

However, here I wan driving to Atlanta right now with my husband for his birthday tomorrow. It’s going to be fun little get away. We are going to get my camera fixed and spend tomorrow photographing the city. I got a great hotel for a bargain price and I know it’s going to be a great time despite my last Atlanta rendezvous.

Well until tomorrow my friends!


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