Atlanta Georgia We Went

Well sad to say I’m still not majorly impressed with Atlanta, this trip was far better then the first time I went but I don’t see myself going back there again. Traffic was insane! It took us an hour to go five miles! But, I’m sure that has to do with it being such a large city.

We arrived in Atlanta around 6 pm and dropped my camera off at the repair shop. Which was awesome because they closed at five but opened the doors for us so that they could work on it that evening. The best part was that my camera was ready by 10 o’clock this morning! Talk about amazing fast service. So your ever looking for a great repair shop I recommend Peachtree Repair in Atlanta. 

Getting my camera back today was like breathing in fresh air. A sigh of relief. My old companion has been returned to me and revived my soul. I know this sounds extreme but if you’re any kind artist and you’re attached to something that helps your create that art I know that you are smelling what I am stepping in. 

Anyways, after we dropped my camera off David and I checked into our Hotwire steal of a hotel room. I told David to pick out any restaurant and we would go to it for his birthday dinner. It turned out be this cute yet elegant Italian restaurant complete with Christmas decorations, which of course David loved.  

We paid $45 for 4 entrees (it’s was a buy one take one home special) salad, bread, an appetizer, and desert. The place was beautiful, classy, and the food was suburb! Probably some of the best Italian food we’ve ever had.  







This morning we slept in, ate our free hotel breakfast, and picked up my camera. It was raining outside so our plans to photograph the city were delayed so we ended up walking the Lenox Square Mall until the rain stopped. 

The mall was very large and very attractive. Lots of stores and design elements. I went into there Apple Store and campared their store to mine it was so fun to pretend to be an customer instead of an employee. 

I also saw a Microsoft Store for the first time. I really enjoyed there side walls. It was video footage instead of a lit panel. I also enjoyed seeing their Xbox Play Area and their 3D printer but other then that it was eerily similar to my store. 


While at the mall I let David pick out a new game for his Xbox but we got it at Game Stop not the Microsoft store. 

After the mall we went to David’s choice of lunch and then to a camera shop so that David could pick out a new lens for his camera. Which was exciting because he used to have this vast camera collection but had it all stolen from his car the winter we met. He spent all the money he had on a new camera then and hasn’t been able to get a better lens for it. So three years later a dream came true! 

After the camera shop we spent the last couple hours in Atlanta photographing Piedmont Park, which is their version of Central Park. I’ll post al of the photos tomorrow.

Right now I am in bed and excited hat we added a new adventure to our storybook. And it was a birthday adventure at that!


Lastly, I want to say happy birthday to my husban. You are an amazing man and my life is truly enriched by having you in it. I love you always and I love your forever, happy 26th birthday! 


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