The Cat’s Out Of The Bag (secrets revealed)

Well, are you ready? For the big reveal? 

Alright. Alright. I’ll tell you already…

As of this morning we are officially homeowners. Yes… we bought a house! 

That is the secret we have been keeping. We have been searching for months, then we went through the stress of being in escrow and all the issues that come along with financing a home… But we made it and now we own our first home. 

Here are the facts:

  • The house was listed at $100,000
  • We paid $90,500 and the seller paid closing costs
  • Our monthly mortgage is $597 and we paid $3,200 down
  • The house appraised at $93,000

Needless to say we got we got a great deal. 

Here are the reasons why we made the jump into becoming a homeowner:

  • We are actually saving money by buying a house because our rent before unities is $830 and now we will be paying $597… Plus the equity, taxes bennifts, and resale value… It’s a no brainier
  • We were only planing on staying in South Carolina for a year to year and half but with David’s growth with Starbucks and the fact that Starbucks will pay for his schooling it’s best for us to stay put for a little while longer
  • We moved down here so I could get to know my in-laws better and we aren’t ready to leave yet

There are so many more reasons and so much more to tell you but for now I am going to bid you ado because I am so unbelievably tired. Buying a house is so draining but we are so excited. It hasn’t hit me completely yet but it will I’m sure of it. 

Here is the link to listing and hopefully it works so you guys can see some photos. If not I’ll post some images soon. 

1002 Pine Bluff Dr $100,000 | 2 Bed 1+ Bath
After we signed the papers we had to go to work and didn’t get off until after dark so when we drove by the house tonight we couldn’t take any photos.

It was so eerie to walk around the house via flashlight because we haven’t turned on the power yet. Eerie because the house doesn’t feel like ours yet and walking around know it’s ours now was the oddest feeling. However the buyers left hard whiskey and pizza in the freezer. Fancy.

We out to eat tonight in our future home of Summerville and celebrated the journey that has just begun. 




4 thoughts on “The Cat’s Out Of The Bag (secrets revealed)

  1. It is adorable!!! I am so excited for you!!! I hope your HOA dues are reasonable, they can add up quick. (Oh, don’t expect any real tax benefits… our place was $114k at 4.5% interest, and we’ve never gotten a tax benefit on the interest because our standard deduction was greater than if we itemized. Not having kids screws that whole scheme up! You might get a small break if your property taxes are high enough, though. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t get a bigger return :-). )

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  2. Congratulations! Very excited for you both, your first home. Merry Merry Christmas to you as well, and wishing you a fabulous 2016 full of new hope and promise. Love, Auntie Jamie. and Uncle Dan.

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