Merry Christmas & To All A Good Night

Christmas has come and now it has passed. What a beautiful time of the year. We have the chance to remember our Savior’s birth and laugh with our loved ones. 

I was able to have Christmas breakfast with the Kadrons and it was such a wonderful time. 

At one point I almost cried and I’m not a crier. One of his brothers grabbed his guitar and then all of the brothers started to sing We Three Kings. I swear that Jesus was there in the room with us at that moment in time smiling down at us. There was such a harmony and love that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to describe it. 

I was also able to see more cute baby photos of my husband. Which was the best Christmas gift ever. Just look at how cute he is!


After that we drove home listening to Christmas music and talking about past memories. Our favorite gifts, the weirdest gifts,  family traditions and all of that fun stuff. We stopped at a classy drive through and Starbucks for our Christmas dinner.

Yeah… “Classy” Not so much…

Once we got home I FaceTimed my family back in the 20 below Montana, and now we are going to end the night watching The Little Drummer Boy.


I hope you all feel as blessed, as loved, and as happy as I do tonight because you all deserve it. 

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