The Ways We Keep Our Marriage Strong

I know that I haven’t been married for a very long time so a lot of you veterans out there may want to tell me to shove it or tell me to just wait until “the trouble hits.” Perhaps thats  judgmental to say. I don’t know. What I do know is that David and I have been through a lot and I know of a lot of couples who would have caved under the pressure. 

I wont go into the details of the things we have overcome. That’s a snooze fest. Well maybe not but I don’t want to come across as some girl whining about her trails and tribulations. However on the other hand I don’t want to come across as an egotistical marriage brat.

Anyways here is what David and do mantain a strong relationship (marriage & friendship.) 

  • We pray together. It may be over said and heard a million times but I honestly believe that a couple who can pray together will stay together. It’s vulnerable and intimate. Being spiritual together is soul strengthening and creates a bond that no one else can share. Kind of like sex. You share the intimate moments of giving your body over to another individual. There is nothing more sacred then that. To me it is no different when your decide to share you spiritual self with another person.
  • Spend time together. Cooking dinner together, dishes, grocery shopping… It doesn’t have to be fancy but the simple act of choosing one another over spending time with yourself is so valuable. 
  • Hand holding, hugs, and other simple touches. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I’m not very touchy feely but it’s a powerful thing when you can remind someone your there for them just by a simple touch. Hold hands when walking into a store or during a movie. Hive five after putting away dinner for the night and then spend a couple minutes hugging like its national hugging day.  
  • Talk and truly engage one another. Make each other laugh. Discuss your day and be and actively engaged listener even if the topic doesn’t interest you. Do you think I like talking cars or about video games? No I don’t and David knows that but he also knows that I’ve memorized makes a models of certain cars and played a few video games with him because it shows him that he matters. Engage. Talk. Unite.
  • Be supportive 
  • Be playful.
  • Have quiet time together.
  • Go on adventures. Discover something new together. 
  • Speak highly of each other and don’t belittle one another. 
  • Fight fairly. Remember that your a team. A unit.  Giving 105%
  • And most importantly say “I love you.” Often.

One thought on “The Ways We Keep Our Marriage Strong

  1. From one who has been married quite a while…you are doing exceptionally well! You have had some hard times, & will likely have more, but if you keep doing what you’re doing, my guess is, you’ll be one of those cute “old couples”, still holding hands on their walk, or sitting in the park, when you’ve been married 50+ years! 💏

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