The highs and lows of pregnancy

Well at this stage in the game I am 17 weeks pregnant and entering my fifth month! Exciting! Baby is the size of a pomegranate!

Or you could say I’m 18 weeks pregnant…

The doctors seem to be inconsistent.

The two doctors I’ve seen at the same practice have different ideas on due date. One thinks I’m due 12/30 the other says 01/11… 

Oh, well the point is we are having a baby and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

The bad news is I currently have a terrible head cold. And when your pregnant with a cold there really isn’t anything you can do. Except sleep and drink lots of fluids. Trust me when I say this isn’t fun. Watery  eyes, sneezing, coughing…. And missing work. So that is definitely a low in pregnancy.

However, I do have good news! Originally my mom was planning on throwing David and I a gender reveal party when we fly home at the end of the month but now it seems she wants to throw is a gender specific party. Which will be close to a regular baby shower except that it will still be early on in my pregnancy and boys will be there too. I’m so excited for this! Because we live across the country this will be the only celebratory party we get! 

With that said David and I found out the most amazing news news yesterday and that is… We are having a baby girl! 

A girl! 

We couldn’t be more elated. 

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