Storm Update (Hurricane Matthew)

This will be a quick post but my phone is blowing up from all the worried texts. Yes, I live in South Carolina where the hurricane may or may not hit. 

Both of our jobs have been shut down until Saturday. One of my jobs is in downtown Charleston so that means downtown is shutting down. My boss in Mount Pleasant was evacuated last night. And David’s work in North Charleston shut down but we think that has more to do with the employees not being able to get to work then it does with North Charleston not being safe.

 Of course all of this means that David and I will be spending the day putting up our storm shutters. 

Summerville is so far inland that we do not need to evacuate. We will likely just have heavy rain and wind. 

Most of the gas stations around here are sold out so even if we wanted to leave we couldn’t. 

Just know that we are safe and our neighbors aren’t worried either. 

We will keep everyone  posted.


3 thoughts on “Storm Update (Hurricane Matthew)

  1. So glad you are safe (and have storm shutters! I always see people scrambling for plywood, and can’t help but wonder why they don’t build a set and keep them to re-use!) Fingers crossed and prayers you stay that way.

    I have friends in Myrtle Beach that are determined not to evacuate. All my prayers are headed to the East Coast this morning…

    Love, Aunt Jenny

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