I Can Officially Say I Survived a Hurricane

Well, Hurricane Matthew is officially in Charleston’s history. Ours too. 

It’s interesting to me as some one who grew up in the mountains her whole life to have lived through a hurricane.

I was raised in Montana, the land of below zero and frozen air, but I never once had a snow day. But here I am now living in the south and I have had six “hurricane days.” David and I have both been out of work since Wednesday. The governor issued an emergency evacuation for anyone who lived within 100 miles of the coast but even though the ocean is 20 miles away from were we are, we stayed put. 

David and I agreed that because we live in Summerville, South Carolina that it probably wouldn’t hit us that bad. We were right. I know that some parts of where we live received pretty bad blows, like Folly Beach. I also know that nearly 800,000 people lost power (according to the newspaper.)

The police have surveyed the area, the roads have opened back up, maintaince is cleaning the streets, and David and I will be back to work tomorrow. Looks like things are slowly returning to normal. 

During the storm the police actually tweeted, “if the gas stations are out of gas please do not call 911.” David and I found that slightly amusing. Everyone has the right to react to a national disaster in there own way I guess but for us we felt the smartest move was to remain calm. We went to the grocery store to pick a few things and nearly all the shelves were empty. The irony is that we only went to the store because we were out of green beans, eggs, and I had a pregnancy craving for Kraft Mac n’ Cheese (not a normal food for us.) 

Other exciting things happened this weekend. I entered my 28th week of my pregnancy, which means our baby is the size of an eggplant. I am officially in my third trimester! Crazy to think we will be parents in a few short months.

I just wanted to send out a quick update to let you all know that we are just fine and that most people around us are too. 

Here are some photos and videos of what we whitnessed of the hurricane.

For us it was mostly a tropical storm. The worst that happened was that we lost power. I also had to be all adult today and go buy a hose so I could spray out the debris from our back porch. 

I also posted the latest photos of my belly!  


One thought on “I Can Officially Say I Survived a Hurricane

  1. So thankful all turned out well for you and David and most around you. Hurricanes are so unpredictable and scary. My heart goes out to those that were lost and their families.
    Lover your belly!
    We want you back in the mountains!
    Big love to you 3

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