A Short Amendment To Yesterday’s Post

Last nights I am laying in bed unwinding for the day when I get a text from my beloved brother. 

He tells me he read my post and is glad I am blogging again but was sad a skipped over a part of my choas. 

By the way don’t y’all love family support!

Anyways, Curtis, my brother… wanted me to share this story:

About a month back when all things crazy were going on in my life and we were still in our house in South Carolina. I was sleeping somewhat soundly when I feel a sting on my arm. 

Of course it hurts so I naturally rub my arm, groggily, when I feel a sting on my finger and again on my arm. 

I jump half way to Tuesday because it hurts like no other. Seriously think yellow jackets who were amped up on the bee JuJu. My jump wakes David and he starts whispering in my ear,  “It’s ok,  calm down.” He is saying this like I’m having a nightmare or something. 

I shove him off of me and was like “No man I got stung by a bee or something!” David relaxes into his pillow as if I’m making it up when I jump up and scream “Dude now it’s  got my leg!” 

He then jumps out of bed, panic in his sleepy eyes, and throws the sheets up in the air and start hunting for the mystery bug that stung me! 

Well, it wasn’t a bee, or a yellow jacket, a spider, or a beatle…

Come to find out there is a scorpion. There was a real scorpion in our bed! 

I got stung by a freaking scorpion!!!!

We called poison control to be safe and come to find out the scorpions that reside in South Carolina are not poisonous. 

But man oh man was that the cherry on top of my bowl of ice cream. 

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