Finding Rainbows

On Monday my mom did her third round of chemo. Her next round of chemotherapy will my on May 8th and after that session she will start going in weekly. Needless to say the environment around here is about to get even more serious.

Ever since Easter life has been a little bit insane. Starting with the fact that my brother and his wife brought home there new daughter a couple days after Easter. I can’t say much regarding them, the baby, and the adoption due to privacy concerns on there part. So I will only what needs to be said and that is that she absolutely beautiful, I don’t think I have ever seen my brother so happy, and my daughter now has an automatic best friend. How awesome is it when you and your siblings have babies around the same time? Besides my brother adopting their baby, my cousin and his wife had there first daughter as well. Three girls all within four months of each other!

It is amazing to me to see the amount of joy babies bring into people’s lives. I know that my happy moments, as fleeting as they me be, are mostly with my daughter. I sat with her today for over an hour just “talking.” Of course she doesn’t have words yet but she is learning to coo, smile, and laugh. I brought Cherri (my daughter… name pronounced like the fruit cherry) into the hospital today, to visit grandpa, and literally everyone I passed either smiled at us or made a “Wow, what a cute baby comment.”

That is the other big event that has been happening in our house hold aside from cancer and new babies. My dad took a turn for the worse and was admitted at Saint Patricks hospital because he has cellulitis on his leg. Cellulitis is a common skin infection that happens when bacteria spreads through the skin into deeper tissues. He had the same thing happen to him last year but, this year was worse. Unfortunately, my dad has an auto immune disease that creates open wounds on his legs, which makes him very susceptible to things like staff infection, cellulitis, sepsis  etc.

To make matters worse my mom can’t be there for him the way she would like to be. Last year she was able to be at the hospital beside her man 24/7. She would distract him by playing Rummy and telling lame jokes. She has been able to visit him on and off but due to the germs that manifest in hospitals it isn’t safe for her to be there very long. And just like my dad feels helpless to help her she is now helpless to help him.


Without my dad around the house has been quiet a lonely. I’ve been doing what I can to keep the house clean, food cooked, and a hand to hold for my mom, however, I can tell that it isn’t enough. The nights spent alone during a chemo week without her husband to simply be with her is an arrow to her heart. Talk about star-crossed lovers.

My mom in all her glory is kicking butt. She is working full-time, going to support groups,  shopping for her new grandchildren, and spending what time she can at the hospital. All during a chemo week. I swear even cancer can’t slow her down. Then at night she’ll sit on the computer complaining of her “laziness.” I want to smack her in the face! Okay, not really… I would never smack my mom in the face (or anywhere for that matter.) But, it is hard to see a woman so driven, strong, and determined knock herself down. I keep telling her no one is judging her for being on Facebook nightly to wind down. Goodness, she needs rest. Even without cancer, i wouldn’t call her lazy.

I am, all of us are, so thankful that my dad will be coming home tomorrow. He needs to be home. He is one of the motivators for my mom’s smile everyday. So if nothing else he needs to come home for my mom’s joy.

Life tends to be what you make of it and from my experience life never stops or slows down. It just is. It happens all around us good, bad, and ugly. I know that there is an expression that states, “when it rains, it pours,” but from my point of view it never stops pouring. There is always something knocking you down, sometimes the rain is heavy, merciless, and unforgiving, and other times its a simple light mist. No matter what kind of storm your in, and if your like most people who is always facing something, do your best to find the rainbow. Because if you don’t your days with forever be gray.

There is always sunshine to be had. My mom teaches me that every day.



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