The Almost Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? All whispers and giggles… Holding hands at twilight, texting or calling too much. Its a slow fade into perfect oblivion as you give your heart away. You find yourself growing at a rapid pace, somehow forgetting the life you had before you met the person to claim your heart.

Love is a challenge and it isn’t always easy, but there are fleeting moments of perfection that make you forget about all the hard times. The moments the make you glad you choose that particular life partner.

To have.

To hold.

Until death does you part.

I couldn’t have had a better photoshoot because everything about this couple screams love and that and the fact that I was able to capture that warms my heart.


2 thoughts on “The Almost Mr. & Mrs. Jones

  1. Wow, great photos. Emily and Shaw were captured perfectly. You can just see the love for each other and the fun they have together! 💙💚💛🧡💜


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