How To Be Beautiful

Every part of me wants to find happiness. Which I think that most of you can agree that is a well sought out goal. I know that we all must look in the mirror and think to ourselves, “If I only (fill in the blank) I would like myself better.”

If Only…

  • I was thinner
  • I was smarter
  • My skin was smoother
  • My lip hair was less dominant
  • My hair was thicker/wavier/straighter
  • My breasts weren’t so large/flat/saggy
  • My butt wasn’t so small/flat/big

You get the idea, right? We are always striving to be something that we are not. No matter what we look like we wish we looked different, better somehow.

One of the people I love most in the entire world told me that she will never fully love the way she looks and it broke my heart. I wish there was a way we could love ourselves in our God given form but what do you do when life takes that away? When sickness takes your God given beauty away and it becomes man made, surgeon made?

Or on the flip side, why do we constantly destroy what we look like naturally to become the idealized man-made customized beauty?

Seriously can someone answer this for me?

I want to take a step back and say that I was one of those people for a long time. I am twenty-nine and up until last year, or so, did I actually start to like what I looked liked. Yet, there are STILL things I want to change, to be better.

Why is this?

Why are we never satisfied with what we look like?

Is it because of society?

I know I usually post beauty/health tips on Mondays but I felt the need to start an honest discussion.

Here is what I have done to find happiness, to find my beautiful:

  • smile more
  • laugh more
  • Vitamin D – Soak up the sun! Even in the winter you can sit in the sun rays your windows produce.
  • work on my self-care DAILY
    • Take 10 minutes to do something for me
      • books, movie, writing, blogging, walking, etc.
    • Treat my body as temple because your intestinal tract feels good, YOU feel good.
    • Wash my face  (sounds simple but to me it is relaxing)
    • Take hot showers
    • Have a sexy makeup day every now and again
  • Find time for friends, network
    • a person who gets out of the house or their daily routines WILL thrive
  • And lastly, and this is the hardest, choose to FIGHT your inner demons EVERY HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND

Life is hard and it is full of twists and ugly turns but if you want to be beautiful, truly undeniably beautiful…find a way to shine from within and LOVE YOURSELf.

The most beautiful people I know are those who laugh until they cry, find joy in the little things, and aren’t afraid to let their hair down.


Suggested Products?

There are none.

Just. Be. You.


Love, LaBrie IMG_6651.JPG

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