10 Bad Beauty Habits We All Need to Break

There is nothing I hate more then scrolling through one of my social media accounts and seeing something that is “on trend” but looks absolutely terrible. Or doesn’t make any sense. I am not a beauty guru, professional, or an influencer… But, I decided to compile this list so that we all can grow and move on from these bad habits.

  1. Not cleaning our makeup brushes. I have talked about this before and that is because it is something I am extremely passionate about. Good makeup starts with good skin, and good skin starts with a good cleanse — not just for your face, but for your makeup brushes, too.  Want to know more? Read my blog: Makeup Brush 101
  2. Using expired products: Why does this matter? Because while they won’t necessarily “go bad”, expired beauty goods lose their efficacy and can cause irritations and infections — especially since you use your fingers to apply your products. Bacteria has a knack for creeping into liquids and creams to germinate. So go through your makeup and personal care drawer and do a massive purge. Trust me guys it’s time and I promise you won’t be throwing away money but doing yourself a favor.
  3. Not changing your pillowcaseStruggling with acne? Changing your pillowcase at least once a week and washing the actual pillow once every three months can help improve your complexion. This is also something I have talked about before. I work in skincare and people are always asking me why there acne won’t go away even after they use top end skincare lines. I always respond to this question is by asking a question of my own, have you been washing your pillowcase recently?
  4. Neglecting your body and neck. All skin is an organ so shouldn’t we be protecting the moisture barrier in our entire body? I recommend getting a mineral oil free neck cream and solid hydrating oil to put on right after your shower. At the very least a soothing lotion made with natural ingredients such as a shea butter body lotion. Doing this will protect your skins moisture barrier.
  5. Working out with makeup on. I get it, you don’t like going into public unless your face in made up, right? Which of course means the gym. Guys, hear me when I say – your sweat needs to break free! If your clogging up all your pores before you work out then you are bound to have breakouts. Sweat has a harder time escaping when you work out with makeup on and when the sweat DOES escape – it drips around your face spreading all the makeup and bacteria around. So stop this nasty habit and bring a cleansing wipe to the gym so you can remove your makeup quickly before a workout. Trust me your face will thank you later.
  6. Not drinking enough water. Were are all guilty of this. We drink coffee daily, which dehydrates you, sodas, energy drinks, juices… etc. Your body needs water not only for your internal health but for your external glow. Read my blog Why Hydration Is Good For Your Skin for more information.
  7. Popping pimples. If you insistent on doing this please do so correctly – How to pop a Pimple
  8. Sleeping in your makeup: this will lead to clogged pores, dehydrated skin, and breakouts.
  9. Playing with your hair: Twirling and constantly winding up can lead to hair loss overtime. This of course is in addition to causing breakage and creating oil hair.
  10. Lastly, and this is one I am guilty of, taking extremely hot showers. Hot water can strip your skin of moisture, leaving it feeling tight and dry, according to WebMD. Which is why our skin gets flaky and we spend hours excessively applying moisturizer.



As always thank you for reading, xoxo LaBrie




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