HUNTED: Chapter One

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Officer Finn Holland:

I inhale a sharp intake of breath. It is negative thirty degrees outside but I only know this because my watch says so. The cold is briery and the snow is deep, nearly thigh high. Unfortunately, the blizzard hasn’t slowed in the slightest. Not only am I drenched but most of the evidence has been washed away. 

The sick mother fucker left the car doors wide open so the wind has drifted into the vehicle, killing off most of the evidence in there too. My mind flashes back to when I arrived on scene thirty minutes ago. 

I was the first to respond to the call as I live the closest. I expected both girls to be dead based on the amount of blood but one of them was still alive, but barely. The windows of the old beat up Oldsmobile had been shot out, specially, the drivers side door along with the door directly behind the driver. I checked on the girl sprawled in the back seat first, mostly because she was the first girl I saw. She had a young face, couldn’t have been more then seventeen, and extremely long black hair. I did my best to focus on her face and not her exposed private parts. I didn’t want to dwell on the horrific scene before me. However it was hard not to see the damage. This was, by farm the worst crime scene I had yet to witness. The young woman had been mutilated in the worst possible way, there wasn’t much of a vagina left to see based on the amount of blood and lacerations.

I checked her pulse even though it was obvious she was long gone. I moved to the front of a car where another young, exquisitely beautiful girl, was slumped against the dashboard. Her positioning was awkward almost as if she turned around in the drivers seat and tried to defend herself. There was blood coming out of her chest and shoulder. Her silver hair was as long as the first girls but caked in blood. Her clothes were still intact so it appeared she hadn’t been violated but it wouldn’t surprise me if she witnessed her friends attack. Which was probably why she was trying to defend herself. 

The 911 operator got a weird call that was muffled and distant. Apparently the operator thought it might have been a prank call until she heard a loud scream. The police were then able to trace the call but because we are in the middle of nowhere and the blizzard it is causing a delay for the others to arrive.

Fortunately I live five miles away. I was pissed that Detective Avery hadn’t called me sooner, waiting until she was in her car before involving me. I was in training to be a detective and I was paired with the over-stuffed heartless bitch. Of course I made nice because I wanted to move up but I couldn’t help but wonder that if she called me as soon as she was notified that shots were fired and it was a possible homicide if I could have saved a life. 

Nonetheless, here I was about to check the pulse of what looked like a second murder victim. She had lost so much blood and it was so cold I doubted she was alive. I reached in and placed my fingers below her jawline where her pulse would be. When I did her eyes flew open. The darkest blue eyes I had ever seen but just as quickly her eyes closed again. I immediately grabbed the radio off my shoulder and demanded an ambulance.

“You are going to be ok.” I whisper in her ear before gathering her in my arms and moving her to my patrol car as quickly as possible. Ordinarily I would never move a victim but with the blizzard and how cold she was I wanted to get her into warmth as soon as I could. I opened the drivers side door and placed her on my lap. I grabbed my coat off the passenger seat and draped it over her shoulders. Her breathing was so faint and her skin so cold. I moved her so her legs were on the passenger seat and her head was on my shoulder. I placed my hands over her chest applying as much pressure as I could to stop the bleeding. I kicked my shoes off and pulled off my socks with my toes. With one hand I reached over her body and grabbed them. I placed one on her shoulder to stop the bleeding with one hand and the other other on her chest. It wasn’t the best but it was something. I kept whispering in her ear to stay with me, help was on the way, to just hang on a little longer. 

I’m sure it was only minutes but it felt like hours before the red and blue lights lit up the place like it was the Fourth of July.  I quickly hauled ass out of the car and ran her into to ambulance. I had bare feet but I didn’t care. The EMT’s immediately took her from me and started working there magic. I was given a brief slap on the shoulder to ‘reward’ my heroism but it felt out of place and uncomfortable. All I wanted was her to survive. 

“We got everything that we need. Let’s get back to the station.” Avery depends, snapping me out of my reverie. She lean in and looks at me, “What you did was honorable Holland but God help you if you disturbed whatever little evidence we have left.” Her eyes scowl at me. 

“She might be the best evidence we have. An eyewitness!” I snap. 

“That’s if she lives, and that’s a big if!” She hollers back stepping closer to me, “You better watch your tongue. This is my team not yours.” 

I don’t bother answering her, instead I walk away, get into my car and drive.      

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  3. Im hooked, now I need to know the whole story.
    Not that I know anything about the art of writing but I do know that you write in a way that captures me right off. Not so much detail to bore me but just enough detail and graphic enough that I see it in my head. Good job

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