HUNTED: Chapter Three

The knife in question was left inside Juliet’s body, a disgusting act of violation. We know now that the knife was a gift given to Lennox from her father. We also know that the DNA left of the knife belongs to the fucker who did this. The question I keep going back to is, why he would switch to a knife, especially one that belonged to Lennox? 

HUNTED: Chapter One

Take the time to catch up: ---> Hunted: Prologue WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE One.  Officer Finn Holland: I inhale a sharp intake of breath. It is negative thirty degrees outside but I only know this because my watch says so. The cold is briery and the snow is deep, nearly thigh high. Unfortunately, the blizzard hasn’t … Continue reading HUNTED: Chapter One

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 14 & 15)

I made it to the bathroom but not in time to lock myself inside. So I leaped in the bathtub and tried hiding lamely behind the curtain. He jumped in after me and slammed me to the shower wall tickling my ribs. His face was all red and gooey. I looked up and noticed that the shower head was the detachable kind with a hose. Thinking quickly I reached to grab it with one hand and blasting the cold water with the other. He was soaking wet and the bathtub floor was now red. Archer made a weird grunt noise and grabbed for the hose which only made us wetter. I ducked under his arms, out of the tub, and ran toward the living room laughing. He caught up with me and tackled me on the couch. 

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 13)

Ophelia was alone when the police arrived, alone when they questioned her, and alone when the zipped her dad up in that black body bag. I told her I knew the feeling of seeing a parent like that but I couldn’t imagine doing it alone or at such a young age. At least I had Suzanna with me. Her mother was on a flight and her grandparents were vacationing. When Leo finally came home from his friends house, Ophelia ran into his arms and they cried together for hours. The police were able to get a hold of their mother and she said she was on her way home. I was completely shocked that the police didn’t wait for her to arrive and left the kids to fend for themselves for a couple hours. It sounded completely awful and I couldn’t believe she faced that kind of trauma.