HUNTED: Chapter Eight

My eyes are blinking rapidly as realization dawns on me that this was never about her. It has always been about me.  Was that the first time he saw me? Or had he already been following me at that point?  My knees lock and everything goes cold.  

HUNTED: Chapter Seven

My mom always told me that beauty is achieved, not genetic. In other words she was firm believer in self-made, store bought perfection. I think she said this because her daughter was born just shy of beautiful, a mutant if you well. It was her way of trying to make me feel pretty but never once have I taken her actions as a compliment. Dad tells me I’m the green apple in a sea of red ones. A unique find, an acquired taste. In the end all I ever felt was less then. Never greater then. 

HUNTED: Chapter Six

I replayed her story in my head when the wheels starting turning, “You two weren’t planning on coming home that night?” She shook her head, having spent the last hour talking, it was easy to see that she was drained. Easy for me to tell that she was ready for quiet.  I bit down on my lip again, “Interesting.”  Lennox furrowed her eyebrows in a question, what?

HUNTED: Chapter Four

He sighs, not out of frustration, but something else. Finn removes his hand from my knee and I shiver. His touch left me warm and now I felt freezer-burnt. He sucks in his bottom lip, nibbles it slightly, and then lets it free again. “We have reason to believe that the attack on you and Juliet wasn’t random, but planned.” He says. 

HUNTED: Chapter Three

The knife in question was left inside Juliet’s body, a disgusting act of violation. We know now that the knife was a gift given to Lennox from her father. We also know that the DNA left of the knife belongs to the fucker who did this. The question I keep going back to is, why he would switch to a knife, especially one that belonged to Lennox? 

Discovering Wonderland (Chapter 16)

I ripped my heart out of my chest and placed it beside him. Not really, of course, because that would be gross, but it is what it felt like as I left him on his bed to sleep. My heart resting there beside him, beating, raw, and bloody. He wanted to guard my heart, to protect me, well this was his chance because it was their with him on his bed wrapped tightly in his arms. My heart stayed with him, while I slipped across the room  to steal a t-shirt and shorts from his dresser. It would stay with him until he was ready to make me his. I sighed deeply preparing to leave my heart behind, Praying I would have it back one day.