Food Food & More Food

Hey guys! I am going to keep my blog simple today and redirect you to my other blog because I made some good food this week that I think you should read about. If you wanted too that is... Cajun Wraps Pound Cake W/ Cranberry Glaze

Everyday Me

Today I did a lot of baking/cooking and it was so fun for me to be in the kitchen doing something I love. Oddly enough I find it relaxing. In case you guys don't know, I started a food blog a couple weeks ago. I post a new recipe every week. This week I am … Continue reading Everyday Me


  When I first started this blog I needed a challange and a way to vent my inner creativity. I can't believe it has been less then three months and I have received 100 followers! I feel incredibly blessed that you all have been reading my words! Thank you all! Your amazing!